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Case Studies

Potentiometers Designed for Deep Fryers


  • Potentiometers for Deep Fryer

    Potentiometers for Deep Fryer

  • B50K Potentiometer with Washers

    Potentiometers for Deep Fryers

  • Deep Fryer using Potentiometers with Protective Cap

    Deep Fryer using Potentiometers with Protective Cap


ISL was asked to take an existing potentiometer that the customer was having failures with, and develop a replacement that would withstand the harsh environment of a commercial kitchen.


The customer thought that the harsh environment mixed with high volume usage would require an expensive component or a complete product redesign.


With extensive consultation with the customer’s engineering team, the ISL engineering group found a simple and expedient solution. We incorporated a protective cover cap to the potentiometer that helped keep grease and other contaminants from interfering with the potentiometer’s function. This simple, but highly effective, solution saved the customer time, effort and money.