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Custom Cable Assemblies & Connectors

Value-added cable assemblies and specialty connectors that meet industry standards and best suite your application requirements.

Cable Assemblies and Connectors

ISL Products manufactures custom cable assemblies and specialty connectors for unique applications based upon customer design, print, and performance requirements. Our years of manufacturing experience allow us to offer a variety of customizable options. When an off-the-shelf option is not suitable, let us know how we can help.

Cable Assemblies

ISL Products manufactures value-added custom cable assemblies for specific applications based upon customer design, print, and performance requirements. We are cable assembly manufacturers that can help you with a design and material selection that best suits your performance requirements while keeping costs low.

We offer various cable assemblies components such as durometer cables, patient cable assemblies, hi-res banana plugs, and custom connector assemblies for surgical glasses.

ISL Products can tailor the perfect solution to your application by customizing cable assembly features such as:


ISL Products has 40+ years of experience building a reputation as leading electrical connector manufacturers. We manufacture specialty connectors that will suit customer specifications, regardless of industry or application. Our experience is in collaborative design and manufacturing of value-added connectors that best suit your application requirements. As electrical connector manufacturers, we supply various types of connectors:
Hi-Rel Banana Plug

Hi-Rel Banana Plug

Cable Assembly & Connector Applications

Our cable assemblies and connectors are being used in a variety of applications across many industries.