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Motor and Gear Motor Selection Guide
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DC Motors &
DC Gear Motors

High performance and customizable DC motors, DC gear motors, and other electromechanical components provide the performance you need.

DC Motors & Gear Motors

Performance You Expect

Through collaboration, ISL Products designs and manufactures DC motor and DC gear motor solutions. We examine your performance expectations and then adjust certain parameters like voltage, size, current draw, torque, and speed to ensure the motors and gear motors perform as intended, in your application. All of our components are tailored to meet your requirements. We understand that all of our customers have different requests, that is why we don’t force you to choose a motor or gear motor that only meets some of your expectations. We offer standardized solutions to fully custom dc gear motor solutions, with a range of gear ratios available.

The combination of high performance and a fully configurable design makes ISL Products’ motors and gear motors ideal for numerous industries and a broad range of applications.

DC Motor & Gear Motor Solutions

DC Motors and DC Gear Motors Explained

Direct current motors, known as DC motors, are rotating electrical devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. When DC voltage is applied to the motor terminal, an inductor coil produces a magnetic field to create rotary motion. A shaft inside the motor contains two magnets that generate repulsive and attractive forces to produce torque. Visit our introductory design note on DC Motors for more information on the construction of dc motors.

A DC gear motor features the same basic motor design as a DC motor but also includes a gearbox to create a single motion control component. This design allows speed reduction while increasing torque output in electromechanical applications. Solutions can utilize either dc brush motors or a dc brushless motor and feature either a standard or coreless motor design. For added control, you can incorporate an encoder. They are compact, cost-effective, and used in oem applications ranging from vending machines to material handling equipment. The two most prominent types of gear motors are planetary and spur gear motors. Read our in depth design note on planetary vs. spur gear motors , for a further understanding of the advantages of each type.

When utilizing a gearmotor, you reduce the motor speed and convert it to torque. There are 3 main types of gearheads that we offer in conjunction with our motors. As one of the leading gear motor manufacturers, our capabilities are endless.

  • Planetary Gear Motors are an inline solution providing high torque at low speeds. Our Planetary Gear Motors offer high efficiency and provide excellent torque output when compared to other types of gear motors. They can handle a varying load with minimal backlash and are best for intermittent duty operation. We offer endless reduction gear ratios to provide the best solutions for all oem applications, meeting both speed requirements and torque requirements. Our high torque 38mm diameter metal planetary gearbox motors are excellent for any industrial application.
  • Spur Gear Motors are designed to meet your application requirements while being compact and economical. Spur gear motors are well suited for applications with lower torque and duty cycle requirements. The internal construction of our spur gearhead consists straight-toothed, inter-meshed plastic or metal gears that control the torque and speed output of the gear motor. There are hundreds of gear ratios available to provide the proper output speed and torque. We are well known for our 37mm diameter spur gearbox motors designed for paper towel dispensers.
  • Worm Gear Motors are designed to generate high output torque in a small package size. Worm Gear Motors are great for applications that require a self- locking or breaking feature since the output shaft can’t rotate when there’s no power applied. Worm gearheads can transfer motion in 90 degrees. With various reduction gear ratios, precision cut gears, voltages and sizes available.

We manufacture both the gear heads and motors, meaning that you can benefit from compatible precision components with greater levels of performance. We offer endless gear ratio options for all of our gear motors so there is a solution for any application demands. Check our gear motor database for information such as maximum torque rating, speed, bearings, and other optional features for our most popular models – Contact us today to discuss your specialized OEM applications.

DC Motors and DC Gear Motor Applications

Over the last 40 years, ISL Products has provided motor and gear motor solutions to a variety of industries and applications. Some of these electric motor examples can be found below.

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