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Planetary Gear Motors

Inline Solution with Excellent Torque Output
  • 32mm Planetary Gear Motor IG32GM

    32mm Planetary Gear Motor

  • 42mm Planetary Gear Motor IG42GM

    42mm Planetary Gear Motor

  • 12V Planetary Gear Motor Cut Away

    42mm Planetary Gear Motor Cut Away

  • 42mm bldc planetary gear motor and 22mm bldc planetary gear motor

    42mm and 22mm BLDC Planetary Gear Motors

  • MOT-I-81504 22mm bldc gear motor

    22mm BLDC Gear Motor

  • 43mm Planetary Gear Motor IG43GM

    43mm Planetary Gear Motor

  • 22mm 12V DC Gear Motor with Lead Wires - IG22

    22mm Planetary Gear Motor

  • IG22 Planetary Gear Motor Office Automation

    22mm Planetary Gear Motor

  • Planetary Gear Motor

    50mm Planetary Gear Motor

ISL Products’ Planetary Gear Motors are an inline quality solution providing high torque at low speeds. Our gear motor designs offer high efficiency and provide excellent torque output when compared to other gear motors. They can handle a varying load with minimal backlash and are best for intermittent duty operation. With endless reduction ratio options, voltages, and sizes, ISL Products has a fully tailored gear motor solution for you.

There are a few key design factors to consider when determining if an ISL Products’ planetary gear motor is right for your application. The standard voltage is either 12VDC or 24VDC. As one of the worlds leading gear motor manufacturers, we can accommodate most customers who require 36VDC or 48VDC though. Overall package size is important, the outer diameter of our gear motors range in size from 8mm to 60mm in diameter. There are toque limitations to also consider, generally for this type of gear motor the maximum operating toque will be around 150 – (15-20Nm), depending on the size. Over the years we have developed some slightly larger solutions with more torque but most of our planetary gear motors fall within these confines.

Popular Models & Part Numbers

MOT-I-81639-256E – This model is 12mm in diameter, brushed motor with a 3PPR magnetic encoder. Rated operating conditions: 3 VDC / 39 rpm / 0.78 / 0.5 A.

MOT-IG22GM 1:742 – This model is 22mm in diameter, brushed motor. Rated operating conditions: 12 VDC / 8 rpm / 10 / 0.4 A.

MOT-IG32PGM-24VDC – This model is 32mm in diameter, brushed motor with 18AWG lead wires. Rated operating conditions: 24 VDC / 96 rpm / 9 / 1 A.

MOT-IG30GM-1:19 – This model is 30mm in diameter, brushed motor. Rated operating conditions: 12 VDC / 310 rpm / 1.5 / 1 A.

MOT-I-81413-71 – This model is 38mm in diameter, brushed motor. Rated operating conditions: 12 VDC / 252 rpm / 27 / 13 A.

MOT-IG42GM-1:84 – This model is 42mm in diameter, brushed motor. Rated operating conditions: 24 VDC / 59 rpm / 66 / 6 A.

MOT-I-81491-L – This model is 57mm in diameter, 3-phase brushless motor. Rated operating conditions: 24 VDC / 58 rpm / 86 / 3.7 A.

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Planetary Gear Motors


Planetary gearmotors come with some advantageous characteristics:

  • High Torque Capabilities
  • Sleek Inline Design
  • High Efficiency
  • Ability to Handle Large Reduction Ratios
  • High Power Density
  • Diameters ranging from 8mm to 60mm

Consult with an Engineer

More about Planetary Gear Motors…

A dc planetary gear motor from ISL Products features a micro motor coupled with one of our uniquely designed planetary or epicyclic gear heads. We can utilize a variety of brush dc motor or brushless dc motors when configuring our gear motors. When you couple a dc motor with a planetary gearbox a rotational speed reduction occurs resulting in increased rotational torque at the gearbox output shaft. A planetary gearboxes consist of an internal sun gear (central gear) that drives multiple outer ring gears (outer gears) known as planet gears, hence its name. Multiple contact points across the planetary gearbox design allows for higher torque generation compared to a spur gear motor. For added strength and reliability, most are constructed with a metal gearbox. In certain situations, we can also provide plastic gearing. An ISL planetary dc gear motor has the ability to handle various load and or speed requirements while also serving as an excellent option for continuous torque loads. Once we determine the gear motor output requirements we can configure the correct reduction gear ratio. With decades of experience, we have endless gear ratio options to couple with our electric motors.

Motor Selection Guide

A mini dc motor with a nominal operating voltage of 12V or 24V can produce significantly more torque with the addition of a planetary gearbox. If your application requires additional torque, be sure to check out or wide selection of direct current gear motor options. As a renowned dc motor manufacturer, we are able to offer either brushed or brushless motors with our planetary gear motors. For devices and applications that require additional control, we can provide a gear motor w/encoder. Check out the 12V DC gear motor that we designed and manufactured for articulating tv mounts.

Efficiently Designed Right Angle Gearmotors

We offer the option to add an additional right angle bevel gear head to our planetary gearmotors for applications with mounting constraints. Our bevel gear reducers are very efficient and come with a 1:1 reduction allowing them to maintain optimal gearbox performance. They’re constructed of metal gears as well to maintain a robust design.

Popular Models & Part Numbers

MOT-IG42CRGM 24:1 – This model is 42mm in diameter with a right angle addition, brushed motor. Rated operating conditions: 24 VDC / 244 rpm / 12 / 3 A.

MOT-IG32RGM 1:27 – This model is 32mm in diameter with a right angle addition, brushed motor. Rated operating conditions: 12 VDC / 220 rpm / 1.7 / 0.5 A.

Planetary Gearbox vs. Spur Gearbox

High Performance Brushless Gear Motors

ISL Products also offers a variety of Brushless DC (BLDC) and brushless miniature gear motors. When we couple our bldc motor with one of our planetary speed reducers, these motors will provide an even higher torque output, compared to a similarly sized brushed motor. The brushless dc motor design also eliminates the need for regular maintenance that is associated with brushed dc motors. Thus brushless dc motors have a much longer use life and generate less ambient noise.

Our brushless geared motor solutions are the ideal motors for applications requiring precise control, such as robotics and automation equipment. Their high-efficiency design helps keep operating losses to a minimum while still providing the necessary power and torque for your application. Our brushless planetary gearmotors are available in a range of operating voltages: 6VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, 36VDC and 48VDC. This variety allows you to customize the motor to your exact needs.

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We also offer our gearbox solutions for other types of bldc motors, such as our hybrid stepper motors. This allows for enhanced torque while still maintaining the precision and accurate control associated with steppers.

For common customizations, we can make modifications to our standard BLDC planetary gearmotor models to meet additional requirements you may have. Our engineers will provide product documents and specifications prior to manufacturing for your approval. As an industry leader with an ISL Products’ brushless geared motors, you can be sure that your application will operate reliably and efficiently!

Free Design Tools

Our engineers have decades of experience with electric motor design and manufacturing, so we can help you determine the ideal dc planetary gear motor 12vdc or 24vdc is best suited for your application. We offer a wide range of reduction ratios to give you the exact speed reduction you require.

Our team will collaborate with you to provide a suitable micro dc motor or gearmotor solution tailored to your application, based on your design requirements. Our dc planetary gear motor 12vdc and 24vdc solutions are featured on Digi-Key and all the models listed area in-stock and ready to ship! Our electric gear motors provide superior performance in any motion control commercial or industrial applications.

Planetary Gear Motors FAQ's

  • A planetary gear motor is a type of gear motor that consists of multiple gears arranged in a planetary configuration. The name “planetary” comes from the way the gears orbit or revolve around a central gear, similar to the planets revolving around the sun. This design offers several advantages, such as compact size, high torque density, and efficient power transmission.


Planetary gearmotors come with some advantageous characteristics:

  • High Torque Capabilities
  • Sleek Inline Design
  • High Efficiency
  • Ability to Handle Large Reduction Ratios
  • High Power Density
  • Diameters ranging from 8mm to 60mm


Our planetary gear motors deliver exceptional torque output and efficiency in a compact design. These characteristics in addition to our value-added capabilities makes our gear motors a great choice for a variety of applications.

  • Robotics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Dental Chairs
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Pool Chair Lifts
  • Exam Room Tables
  • Massage Chairs
  • Equipment for Food Services
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Labeling Equipment
  • Laser Cutting Machines
  • Industrial Textile Machinery
  • Conveying Systems
  • Linear Actuators
  • Test & Measurement Equipment
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

If you require a more compact design for an application requiring lower load capacity, we also manufacture Spur Gear Motors. Learn more about the different features and benefits in our Planetary Gear Motor vs. Spur Gear Motor design note.


ISL Products‘ team of application engineers will work with you on determining your application requirements so that we can provide the optimal solution including any customizations. Below is a list of parameters and optional features that we can accommodate for our customers.

  • Motor Type: Brushed / Brushless (BLDC) / Coreless
  • Voltage
  • Output Speed
  • Power
  • Current
  • Output Torque (Stall and Nominal Torque)
  • Reduction Ratio
  • Motor Shaft Material & Size – Custom Shafts available
  • Gear Material
  • Shaft Configuration: (D Cut / Round / Splined / Other)
  • Shaft Dimensions / Shaft Diameter
  • Gearbox bearing type (sintered bearing or ball bearing)
  • Overall Size Parameters (L, W, H)
  • Rear Shaft Extensions for encoders or brakes
  • Encoder Type: Optical / Hall Effect
  • Additional Assembly Requirements (wire connection, connectors, etc.)