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Planetary Gear Motor 12VDC for Office Automation: Articulating TV Mount

The implementation of office automation allows for an increase in convenience, time-efficiency, as well as cost effectiveness for businesses worldwide. It utilizes the automatic control of electronic devices in an office with smart technology such as the Internet of Things, or IoT. Smart technology uses network connectivity in order to trigger automated devices to function remotely. A motorized TV mount, in this case, uses our dc planetary gear motor 12V DC, along with sensors to monitor changes in motion. DC motors convert direct electrical energy into mechanical energy. This allows office automation equipment to be battery powered, thus opening the door to a broader range of applications.

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Additionally, our dc planetary gear motor 12v offer speed variations in order to ensure safety in office automation equipment. The high torque capabilities of DC motors are appropriate for driving heavy loads from starting positions and for applications that require acceleration. ISL’s DC motors are equally beneficial for applications requiring quick switches of direction and stopping as needed. For this case in particular, our planetary gear motor 12vdc was the most optimal solution for an automated TV mount. Overall, DC motors have several advantages to the automation industry and we take great pride in our value-added DC motors for customers.

  • DC Gear Motor Assembly TV Mount IG22-GM

    22mm Planetary Gear Motor Assembly

  • IG22 Planetary Gear Motor Office Automation

    22mm Planetary Gear Motor

  • 22mm 12V DC Gear Motor with Lead Wires - IG22

    22mm Planetary Gear Motor

  • DC Gear Motor Assembly for Articulating TV Mount IG22

    22mm Planetary Gear Motor Assembly


One of our current customers, a leading manufacturer of automation technology for the home and workplace, had been building a custom dc planetary gear motor 12v drive module for a conference room articulating TV mount.


There were a few different challenges with this particular project that ISL was able to overcome. Managing the manufacturing of this planetary gear motor 12vdc assembly required sourcing multiple components, including the tooling of 3 unique pieces, two of aluminum die-casting and one injection molded plastic, from several factories. A kit of 14 unique parts had to be ordered, received, inspected, inventoried and scheduled for production, processed in multiple steps on an assembly line, then inspected, tested and inventoried once again for future integration into a master product.


At the time, ISL was the supplier of the dc planetary gear motor 12v for this articulating mount drive module. When we discovered that the customer was adding these additional components and production steps to complete the module, we recommended that ISL take over the management and production of the entire custom planetary gear motor 12vdc assembly. This included sourcing, tooling, assembling, testing, inspecting, packaging and warehousing the completed module. This ensured that the customer could receive a complete installable module on their assembly line at the exact time their master product was scheduled for production. The realized cost efficiencies, both in time and overhead, were substantial.