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Custom Spur Gear Motor Used in Automated Door Locks

  • 12mm Micro Spur Gear Motor

    12mm Micro Spur Gear Motor

  • 12mm Micro Spur Gear Motor for Door Lock

    12mm Micro Spur Gear Motor

  • Man entering code in keypad to unlock security door

    Automated Door Lock


We were asked to provide a high performance, highly reliable version of a common model spur gear motor that would also comply with international security standards within an automated locking system.


Our customer came to us with an existing spur gear motor that only lasted 1,500 – 2,000 cycles in their application. Since these motors would be used in high security lock systems, they needed to have an ultra-high reliability spur gear motor with a 50,000 cycle life. In addition to the motor’s reliability, it also had to conform to newly-tightened international security standards.  Another issue was, once the end product was in the field, it would be very costly to field-service and replace these gear motors.


In a joint effort with our factory, ISL made modifications to the spur gear motor to meet the customer’s goal of 50,000 cycles. Among some of the innovations, we changed gear material from brass to a high-reliable stainless steel alloy in order to achieve long life and improved dependability.

After further testing, the ISL custom version exceeded 90K cycles before testing was halted. We were also able to do this without any NRE charges.

Samples of a similar gear motor can be found at DigiKey: