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Motor and Gear Motor Selection Guide
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Passive Components

Value-added potentiometers and transformers that meet industry standards and provides unparalleled performance.

Potentiometers & Transformers

Unparalleled Performance

Value-added passive components like potentiometers and transformers from ISL Products offer the quality and efficiency that you need. We design and manufacture value-added potentiometers and transformers that meet industry standards and provide unparalleled performance. ISL Products manufactures value-added electromechanical components, including coils, potentiometers, inductors, sensors and transformers.

Potentiometers and Sensors

As a potentiometer manufacturer, ISL Products is able to offer a variety of passive components. We specialize in offering industry standard sensors and potentiometer configurations with value-added features. These features might include adjustments to the physical characteristics to accommodate the environment of the application, or electrical variations to suit electrical performance characteristics.
Our engineers can tailor the perfect solution to your application without any NRE and little to no tooling charges.

Transformers and Inductors

In addition to being remarkable sensor and potentiometer manufacturers, ISL Products has been building and supplying specialty transformers and inductors to some of the leading Fortune 500 manufacturers for over 40 years. With an infinite selection of bobbins and core choices, and a multitude of winding parameters, our team can supply a variety of transformers and inductors to suit your application. ISL specialty transformers include, but are not limited to: