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About ISL Products International Ltd.

Dedicated to serving our customers around the world
ISL Products is a leading provider of engineered electromechanical component solutions. We provide component solutions based on your application requirements, integration assistance, customer support and global logistical support.
ISL Products International

Our Mission

To design, manufacture and provide superior electromechanical components that suit your specific application requirements.

Who We Are

ISL Products International is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of value-added electromechanical components.

What We Do

Careful attention from ISL Products transforms standard component designs into “value-added” or application specific component solutions. When a standard, “off-the-shelf” component is not providing the optimal performance, our team of engineers will work to overcome your component design challenges. We collaborate with you to identify specific requirements and provide a unique solution.

If the time comes when your current source obsoletes a component, ISL is your continuous-source manufacturer for those end-of-life components. Let us know how we can help.

Best of all, ISL experts are always seeking cost-saving options. In most cases, we are able to optimize and enhance existing “standard” component designs, with little-to-no NRE or tooling expense. For the more specialized applications, we do offer customized components as well.

Our engineering and sales staffs are available to discuss all of your project specifics, conveniently, from our New York office.

  • 1975

    ISL Products International Ltd founded.

  • 1978

    Started working in Taiwan, Hong Kong & Japan

  • 1984

    Started working on Main Land China

  • 1996

    ISL opened joint-venture office in Kaohsiung

  • 1997

    ISL opened joint-venture offices in Hong Kong & Nanjing

  • 2002

    ISL opened first factory in Nanjing

  • 2008

    ISL opened new factory in Nanjing

  • 2009

    Expanded sales into Israel. ISL starts joint venture with Dalatec Corp.

  • 2012

    ISL opened joint venture office in Shenzhen

  • 2014

    ISL formed Joint Venture in Changzhou

  • 2015

    ISL created independent-quality audit department

  • 2016

    ISL starts new electronic UVC Ballasts manufacturing division

  • 2018

    ISL enhances in-house dc motor testing lab & capabilities

  • 2020

    ISL partners with several air/water/surface purification companies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

  • 2022

    ISL moves to new larger HQ location: Melville, NY

  • 2023

    ISL establishes European supply chain and manufacturing locations

Company History

Founded in 1975, headquartered in New York, we are an engineering-oriented designer, manufacturer, and supplier of application-specific electromechanical components. We service small, medium and large OEM manufacturers. We also serve as a continuous source manufacturer for obsolete and hard-to-find components.

With over 45 years of manufacturing experience, our expertise in electromechanical components and assembly line processes is second to none. Our years of experience and relationships, allow us to provide our customers with a wide variety of components.

Decades of Valued Customers

ISL Products International is the world’s leading manufacturers of value-added electromechanical components. Our component solutions can be found inside some of the most innovative products across a variety of industries.

Customer Logistics Management

ISL Products’ provides customers with additional logistics management of inventory to help streamline their supply chain. Our unique services are offered to all customers, large and small.


The global supply chain environment often creates obstacles. ISL collaborates with your team to evaluate extended forecasts to ensure our components are always on time to avoid production interruptions.


Our main warehouse is located in the Kansas City region and contains over one million sq. ft. of space. We offer customers this secure, central location to store and release inventory per your prescribed schedule. We also maintain a smaller warehouse at our Long Island, NY headquarters for the benefit of customers on the East Coast and Europe.

Just-In-Time or J.I.T. Programs

With our customer’s manufacturing facilities located around the globe, the most cost-effective way to assure the best price and delivery is by means of a Blanket Purchase Order. We encourage quarterly to yearly orders, allowing us to coordinate the supply chain to your benefit by means of our stock and release programs.

Learn More

Providing Components Across Multiple Industries

We invite you to learn about ISL Products and how we can work with you and your team to develop a value-added component solution that is specific to your application. Submit an Inquiry or call us at (888) 904-9054.