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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about our products and services. If you need further help contact us or request a quote.

1. What are the initial design consulting fees?

There are none. ISL Products does not charge an initial design consulting fee. In addition, most of the time, there are little to no NRE and tooling charges.

2. What is your response time after an inquiry is submitted?

Within 24 hours, a member of our sales team will acknowledge your inquiry via email or telephone. You will be kept apprised of our progress at all times.

3. How can ISL Products help manage my supply chain?

We pride ourselves on our dependable “Savvy Logistics Management”. We offer inventory management and delivery to various locations, according to your prescribed schedule. To learn more, please visit our Customer Logistics Management section on our About Us page.

4. Can ISL Products recreate an obsolete product?

Yes, we have an exceptional Continuous Source Manufacturing program. It allows us to mitigate the problems created by obsolescence. We can recreate the product for optimal performance in your application.

5. Does ISL Products have a product focus or specialty?

Over the years, we have done hundreds of unique designs for our customers. ISL Products primarily focuses on the following categories:

  • Acoustics
  • Power Supplies & Ballasts
  • DC Motors / Gear Motors
  • Specialty Transformers
  • Potentiometers
We don’t deal with semiconductors.

6. How does the ISL Products “Solution Process” work?

  1. Customers can either submit an inquiry via our ISL Inquiry Form , email us at or call 1.888.904.9054 to discuss the project with one of our in-house engineers. We encourage you to upload your Spec Sheets with the ISL Inquiry Form, to help us further understand your application and component requirements.
  2. Our engineers will work closely with you, as well as with your procurement and engineering departments, to help determine the best solution to your problem.
  3. We will then work with our teams of engineers at our various factories to help design and manufacture your component solution.
  4. Once the initial design is agreed upon, ISL will manufacture prototypes for your approval.
  5. Next, the component solution will go into full production and we will ship the goods to you as per your production schedule.

7. Why does ISL Products not have an online catalog?

While many companies are in the business of selling electronic components, ISL Products is in the business of selling solutions. We refer to our Case Studies page as our catalog of successful solutions. You may email us at, to request additional information via email.

8. Does ISL Products have product on the shelf?

ISL DOES NOT stock standard product like a distributor. Most of our products are built-to-order (BTO). We will stock and release products against a customer’s blanket purchase order though.

9. How do I submit an inquiry to ISL Products?

There are a few ways to submit your inquiry. We have a great new tool to help clarify your needs, our “ISL Inquiry Form”; it can be found here or at the top right-hand corner of the webpage. This form allows you to succinctly outline your specific needs, informs us about your project, and enables us to expedite a viable response in a timely manner. To facilitate your project, please email or call one of our in-house sales engineers: / 1.888.904.9054.

10. What is the difference between ISL Products & a traditional parts distributor?

ISL Products delivers value-added components. Where a traditional parts distributor offers off-the-shelf products, ISL works with your engineers and procurement personnel to provide the best solution to your problem. We can take standard off-the-shelf components and manufacture them to your specific needs, providing the most productive component for your application.

11. Why choose ISL Products International?

With over four decades of experience, ISL has consistently provided cost saving and value-added solutions to our OEM customers. We have built a reputation for our ability to consistently provide quality components that match and often surpass the specifications requested. Thanks to our extended knowledge base and our participation in developing industry standards and technologies (ASA/IEEE/SAE etc.), both large and small companies rely on ISL to help drive their businesses toward greater productivity.