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Audio Component Solutions

Robust and unique audio components for a broad spectrum of industrial, medical, and commercial applications.

Piezo Loudspeaker Audio Components

Unique Audio Components

ISL Products International Ltd. has decades of experience developing commercial, medical and industrial audio component solutions. Our dedicated approach, allows our customers to benefit from our time-tested design and manufacturing practices.

Our experience allows us to design and manufacture a variety of robust and unique audio components, including buzzers, sirens, Mylar speakers, and other audible signaling devices that accommodate a broad spectrum of innovative applications. Our team of dedicated engineers will work with you and your design team to help provide a unique audio component solution, that will meet your requirements.

Audio Components from ISL Products

Audio Components in Detail

ISL’s distinctive loudspeakers, buzzers, and other audible output devices are used in various industrial applications to convert electrical signals into mechanical energy that then produce audible sound waves. Most of these components will require an electronic signal from a source such as an amplifier. The electronic devices that incorporate our components operate across a broad frequency range so understanding the application is critical. We work within the standard framework of existing designs to help customize and optimize our components to meet each one of our customer’s individual requirements. Over the years this has allowed us to offer some creative solutions to our customers.

ISL Products offers a variety of different industrial audio components. Typically, our audio components come in magnetic or piezo construction. Our piezoelectric speakers and magnetic speakers are our most popular audio solutions. Each type offers its distinct advantages, our engineers will help you determine the optimal solution, depending on your application and product requirements. A quick read of our Piezo Buzzers vs. Magnetic Buzzers design note gives an excellent introduction to the characteristics of each, in buzzer form.

Ingress Protection, also known as IP Rating, is another aspect to consider when researching industrial audio components. These ratings classify the degree of protection provided against dust, water, and other damaging substances in audio products and devices. Read more about IP Ratings and how we can offer these ratings for many of our audible signaling devices.

Our audio solutions are found in a variety of applications in almost every industry.

Medical Devices

We’ve worked on many medical device projects over the years and continue to do so today. Our speakers and buzzers are commercial grade, and only used in non-invasive applications. From defibrillators to electronic stethoscopes, we’ve been involved in developing and manufacturing these devices for decades.


The automotive industry has always relied heavily on audio components to communicate between drivers and passengers. Whether it’s an infotainment system, navigation system, pedestrian awareness systems for EV’s or even a car alarm.


ISL Products’ audio components are also used in telecommunications equipment such as cell phones, wireless routers, and more.


Hospitality is another area where ISL Products continues to innovate and enhance its audio components. From nurse call systems to hospital bed speakers.

Industrial Audio Components Applications

ISL Products has innovated and enhanced the audio components that are inside some of the most recognized products. We may not be a household name, but you have used products and devices that incorporate our audio components.