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Micro Speaker for Electronic Stethoscope


  • 90ohm Mini Speaker for Electronic Stethoscopes CS230

    18mm Micro Speaker


ISL was approached by a current customer that had a specific 90ohm speaker go end-of-life. This particular micro speaker was a crucial component in their electronic stethoscopes. If the customer was forced to use a different speaker, they would have inured very high product redesign costs.


Since this particular speaker was already being used in a current product, ISL had to develop an identical speaker to fit the current form factor, as well as meet the same performance criteria. We analyzed the existing product’s mechanical, acoustical and electrical specifications. Each Stethoscope is individually tested and tuned as part of the final outgoing QC. As a result of the specific tuning process, we had to ensure a low deviation for all of the speakers.


By utilizing ISL’s continuous source manufacturing service, our customer was able to continue using their existing design. Here is a synopsis of the Continuous Source Manufacturing process pertaining to this project:

  • ISL replicated the form fit and function of the existing components that make up the device.
  • We tooled needed parts at nominal expense to the customer.
  • Designed and ran a pilot-build for the customer’s qualification.
  • Our successful pilot-build led to the customer’s acceptance of the new speaker design.


Speaker for Electronic Stethoscope Case Study (PDF)