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Case Studies

Vertically Oriented Switching Power Supply

  • Inline Wall Plugin Power Supply

    Vertically Oriented Wall Plug-in Power Supply


ISL was approached by a company that was interested in value-added switching power supply. The customer needed a uniquely designed power supply with a non-standard output plug, in addition to private labeling. Previously, the customer was purchasing an off-the-shelf power supply that did not fully meet their requirements. ISL was asked to adjust the electrical parameters in order to provide peak performance as well.


The customer needed a 5V 2A power supply with a specific barrel type output plug. The power supply orientation was unique in that it needed to plug into a power strip vertically to ensure that none of the other receptacles would be blocked. The requirements for the non-standard barrel output plug were as follows: 2.1 mm (i.d.) barrel connector with a 5.5 mm (o.d.).


ISL manufactured the switching power supply and specialty output connector, satisfying the customer’s requirements. In addition to manufacturing the power supply, we also added a two color custom label with our customer’s information and application specific data.

We were able to provide the customer with continuity through a 10k piece blanket P.O. This allowed the customer to receive the price break they desired as well as multiple releases over the course of a year.