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Right Angle Gear Motor for Residential Elevator Door

Robust Gear Motors for Door Actuation

There has been an increased interest in residential elevators and stairlifts, as homes get larger, and homeowners get older. Mobility and accessibility are a focus of contemporary architecture, with architects planning around personal elevators. Residential lifts differ from the traditional elevator that is found in an office building, as they’re typically a more compact design and utilize a hydraulic drive system. Due to the small-scale nature of residential systems, often an electric motor equipped with a right angle gearbox is needed for the actuation of various functions. A right angle gearbox allows for an inline gear motor to have its output shaft offset 90 degrees.

Residential elevators and automated doors play a crucial role in enhancing accessibility and convenience within homes. These elevators provide a convenient way for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities to move between different floors of their homes. They eliminate the need for climbing stairs, making it easier for people to navigate their homes independently. Additionally, residential elevators can also add value to a property, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Alongside elevators, residential automatic doors are an essential component of any handicap accessible home but also serve as a premium feature in any residence. They provide security, privacy, and ease of access, ensuring that the occupants feel safe and comfortable within their living spaces. Whether it’s a traditional swing door or a modern sliding door, the choice of residential automated doors can greatly impact the overall aesthetics and functionality of a home.

Gear Motor Selection Guide

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    42mm Right Angle Gear Motor

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    Residential Elevator

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    Home Elevator Lift


We were approached by a residential hydraulic elevator manufacturer that was feeling the effects of supply chain disruptions from an incumbent motor supplier. The motor’s function was to open and close the doors to the residential elevator cab. Our customer could no longer tolerate the inconsistent lead-times and late deliveries, as most of their projects are planned months in advance and require custom fabrication.

Like any growing industry, residential elevator and automated door manufacturers rely heavily on their supply chain. For any OEM, a disruption in the supply chain can have top-to-bottom impacts on their ability to operate and get finished goods delivered to customers.

To further complicate matters, the right angle gear motor the customer had been using was a completely unique design by the prevision manufacturer. Since this specific right angle motor design was proprietary to that manufacturer, it was impossible for our customer to source a drop-in replacement. This customer decided to reach out to ISL Products, for our expertise in dc motors and gear motors as well as our dedicated engineering and design support.


We were faced with two major challenges with this project, time and space.

Time was of the essence; our customer had a limited supply on hand and new orders were coming in. The incumbent gear motor supplier had production lead times of more than 6 months. In addition to the long lead times, many times the supplier was late on the agreed upon deliveries, furthermore, causing additional stress and interruptions.

The other challenge for ISL Products was to design a right angle gear motor that met the customers’ required performance while fitting into their confined space. This meant that the gearmotor had to have a high peak efficiency. The incumbent gear motor had a unique design, and the clients’ other components and systems had been designed around this unique motor. The previous design was a large permanent magnet motor with integrated worm gears, which provided the right angle output.

Since the client knew that they were going to need to redesign some mating components and housings, they challenged us with downsizing the overall gear motor package to optimize space in their elevator door mechanism. The gear motor had to fit within a narrow channel, and the mechanism that the motor was actuating was perpendicular to the DC motor body, preventing them from using an inline gear motor.


For the geared motor design, we knew one of our ⌀ 42mm brushed planetary gear motors with a 24:1 reduction gear ratio would provide adequate starting torque, while being slim enough to fit within the narrow channel. The gearbox is equipped with a ball bearing to help accommodate loads and output torque. We then added an additional bevel gearbox to the output shaft of the planetary gearbox to provide the 90° output. Our right angle gearbox consists of two bevel gears with a 1:1 ratio, therefore not affecting the overall gear motor performance.

Our straight-forward approach allowed us to meet the dimensional and on load performance requirements for this application without significant impacts to manufacturability. We made a custom output shaft to mate with preexisting gearing in their assembly, to reduce the number components that needed to be changed. Additionally, to streamline the installation process for the customer we assembled the gear motors with lead wires, stripped and tinned. We were able to turn around these samples in just under 3 weeks.

In the effort to mitigate the effects of lengthy lead-times, ISL Products provides logistics and supply chain services through a million square foot storage facility. This is free of charge to all customers. Our initial lead time for this item, including freight transit, is around 14 – 16 weeks. This reduced the customer’s lead time by more than 30%.  We manufacture the entire blanket order and release them on a quarterly basis, per the customer’s schedule. Our lead times only affect the initial release. Since we manufacture the complete lot together, all remaining releases are in stock and ready to ship out at a moment’s notice from our conveniently located warehouse in Missouri.


Our team of dedicated engineers and customer support team were able to not only cut down on lead times but design a more compact size right angle gear motor solution, while simultaneously providing value added features to make the installation process even faster for our customer. We strive to provide our customers in the ever-growing residential elevator market with quality engineered motor solutions.


Our focus on electromechanical components tailored for a wide range of customer needs resulted in seamless integration. We let our customers focus on the bigger problems, while we make sure all the electromechanical component details are perfected.

Contact ISL Products today to streamline your next development project.

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